A Season of Transition

Our Lead Pastor John Johnson, has retired from his position after 16 years with Village. We are grateful for the time and leadership he has given us over these years and wish him and his family the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives.


Seasons of transition can be exciting, difficult, surprising and emotional. This is no different for our Village community. We anticipate God continuing to direct us in being the church He asks us to be throughout this season of transition and want to ensure you have all the information about Village’s process.


To see the job posting for the Lead Pastor position, click here.

Latest Update


Our Search Committee has been formed and is searching for our next Lead Pastor. In the meantime, Village moves forward with a plan for the transition process—not only for our congregation’s needs, but also for our leadership team. Pastor Renjy Abraham, our Associate Leader Pastor, will continue on in his role leading our staff. In the Sanctuary, Pastor Dean Christensen will oversee worship services. We have asked Pastor Bill Dogterom, a multiple time guest speaker at Village and spiritual advisor to our staff, to shepherd Village through this season by preaching twice a month, as well as advise our church by working closely with our leadership team and staff.


A preaching team made up of our own pastors as well as Pastor Dogterom is leading  Village through a series which is focused on discipleship. We combine services once a month when Pastor Dogterom preaches, to be together as one body, and rotate our pastors through both the Chapel and Sanctuary the other weekends.


We are grateful for the history and foundation at Village. And we are confident and at peace knowing that God will lead us.


As always, if you have questions, feel free to talk to our staff and committee members, or email transition@vbconline.org.


May 2017 Update:


  • We’ve contracted with Mosaix Global Network to help recruit candidates. Mosaix focuses on placing staff who lead multi-ethnic and economically diverse churches. We will continue our internal process for interviewing and interacting with candidates once they are referred to us by Mosaix. We continue to accept applications on a rolling basis.


  • We currently have four high-quality candidates in various stages of the process. Each applicant submits a resume, cover letter, and answers a short questionnaire. Qualified applicants then complete a phone interview. A candidate in the next stage submits a philosophy of ministry, affirms our doctrinal statement and reviews our bylaws. We then listen to sermon samples, hold a Skype interview, and check references. Then a face-to-face interviews, a site visit, a conversation with the spouse, and personality assessment tools.


  • In addition to meetings 2-3 times per month and individual assignments, we held a retreat in mid May, to review top competencies required for the lead pastor role and how we interview to discover these. We also worked through details for the second half of our interview process and roles within the committee.


  • Although the average church takes 12-24 months (reference here) to find a new lead pastor, we continue to optimistically aim for September 2017. Pastor Johnson left Village in June 2016, our committee began in August 2016, and the job was posted in late October 2016.


  • Please pray that we’d have wisdom as we move forward with identifying outside help for the recruiting aspects of the process.


  • Please ask God to remind you, our church leadership, and our committee of any connections who would be a good fit for lead pastor. If someone comes to mind, please refer them to the job posting and application or, if you’d prefer, contact Scott Robinson, Search Committee Chair.



  • Data Gathering Phase
    • Focus Groups, Staff Interviews, All-Church Survey: March-June 2016 (completed)
  • Transition Milestones
    • Finalize Summer Plan: May-June 2016  (completed)
    • Celebrate Pastor John: June 17 from 7 to 9 pm in the Sanctuary  (completed)
  • Lead Pastor Search
    • Finalize Lead Pastor Search Committee: June-September 2016  (completed)
    • Develop Lead Pastor Candidate Profile: July 2016 (completed)
    • Update job description and determine application process: August-September 2016 (completed)
    • Develop and release Lead Pastor job advertisement: October 2016 (completed)
    • Begin accepting and reviewing applicants: November 2016 (ongoing)



Along with our leadership team—our Elder Board and Advisors to the Elder Board, Pastors and Directors—Village has appointed three committees to determine the next steps in our transition season process and the spiritual needs of our church.

Transition Committee:


  • Dave Lewis (Chair)
  • Dan Crawford
  • Elizabeth Howard
  • John Jordan
  • Insil Kang
  • Rob Lee
  • Jen Spickelmier

Spiritual Transition Committee:


  • Carlos Fernandez (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Smith
  • Tom Grey (Co-Chair)
  • Brian Leak
  • John Lee
  • Aleida Rivas
  • Bob Walker

Search Committee:


  • Scott Robinson, Chair (Elder, Vice-Chair of the Board)
  • Ben Spotts (Elder)
  • Melissa Williams (Adviser to the Board)
  • Paul Choi (Pastor)
  • John Jordan (Pastor)
  • Mariko Gilman
  • Ron Henricksen
  • Jennie Peabody
  • Judy Post

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are we looking for in the next lead pastor and who should apply?
A: Please see the job posting at employment.vbconline.org, which includes the position overview, duties, requirements, and application instructions.


Q: Where is the information from the church-wide survey and focus groups?
A: Our consultants, Nancy Moore and Associates, have compiled our data from the church-wide survey and you can find the summary in English, Korean and Spanish. A more detailed version is available for viewing at the Front Office.


Q: How will this transition affect me and my experience at Village?
A: We are blessed with a church full of dynamic and diverse ministries. Our mission will not change. Thus none of our current ministries and areas of focus will change. All of our current weekend programming and weekly gatherings will continue under the direction of our Pastors and Directors.


Q: What is our process to find our next Lead Pastor?
A: We want to be thorough and discerning of God’s direction in our process to find our next Lead Pastor. We have conducted a church-wide assessment as well as focus groups. The data will help the Search Committee identify our future Lead Pastor and assist us in church planning.


Q: When will we have our next Lead Pastor?
A: There is no set date, nor can we forecast when we will find our next Lead Pastor.


Q: What can I do?
A: Pray with us as we move through this season. Explore the gifts you possess and use them to serve others and the church. Attend and engage in our weekend services. Give generously of your time and treasure.


Q: I have more questions; who do I ask?
A: You are welcome to talk to anyone on our leadership team, or email us at transition@vbconline.org.