Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are the small group ministry at Village. We have various types of groups, including sermon-discussion or study-based groups, support groups, special interest-based groups, etc. Groups typically meet weekly or bi-weekly, offered on different days/nights and in various places around the city.  Joining a Life Group is the best way to get relationally plugged in at Village!



The Life Group calendar is structured into season-based terms: fall (Sept-Dec), winter (Jan-Mar), spring (Apr-Jun), and summer (Jul-Aug). Some groups are up and running year-round, while others are offered only for a term at a time. (And most groups slow down or stop during the summers.) You can always find the groups that are currently welcoming new members in the chart below. The best times to join a group are during our promotional weekends at the beginning of each term. But you can join a group anytime, even outside of those weekends.


Want More Info?

Below you will see a list of currently open Life Groups. Once you’ve identified which group(s) you’d like more information about, please submit an info request e-mail to [email protected].  Please be sure to write “LG Inquiry” in the subject line, and then include your name, your contact info (e-mail address and phone number), and a list of which group(s) you’d like to learn more about (just reference the leader’s name(s)) in your e-mail. Within a week you should be contacted by that leader who will give you more specifics about their group and answer any questions you may have, and can arrange a time for you to visit.


Note: If none of the groups listed work for you, please feel free to send us an e-mail letting us know what type of group might work better (including info on at least the day/time, location, and demographic that would interest you). We’re always considering when and how to start new groups.

Thanks for your interest!


General Study Groups

On-going sermon, Bible, or book-based discussion groups

Special Study Groups

Short-term, intensive study groups on focused topics

Support Groups

Groups to provide support, encouragement, and accountability through trials and brokenness